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Magic exists and lives on film, each day it makes us discover unimaginable wonders and feelings. The Dominican Republic has taken the initiative to embrace this industry and now seeks its development with the Law No. 108-10 concerning the development of film activity (as amended by Law No. 257-10 and Law No. 253-12) and Implementation Rules enacted in Decree No. 370-11.

The people involved in the Dominican film industry, after complying with certain requirements, may enjoy the following tax exemptions:

  • For the service providers:  exemption on the Tax on Transfer of Industrial Goods and Services (Impuesto sobre Transferencia de Bienes Industrializados or ITBIS)
  • For the investors: 100% deduction on the invested amount regarding the income tax (up to 25% of the total payment)
  • For the re-investors: 100% on income tax
  • For the donator: up to 5% of the taxable income tax of the year
  • For the spenders: 25% as tax credit of all the expenses

The very best thing?

Only one national authority: General Film Office (Dirección General de Cine or DGCINE)

Spanish version | Versión en español

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