Surprising patents

Patents are new, ingenious, and industrializable inventions. In addition to the three requirements mentioned: novelty, inventive step, and industrial capacity, an invention must be within patentable “subject matter.”

The subject matter varies by country or region, but in general mathematical formulas, discoveries that already existed in nature, scientific theories, among others, are not patentable. However, the fact that they are not patentable does not mean that they cannot be protected in another way. Suppose that a person created purely aesthetic elements for a particular object. In that case, no protection is allowed as a patent. Still, it may be protected as an industrial design, copyright, or trademark, the latter case, if it identifies products or services.

Even with these requirements and certain restrictions, only in the last five years worldwide, more than 6 million patents have been granted. Among those millions of patents, we have our five unbelievable patents that protect extraordinary or entirely strange inventions.

Fortune-telling cards
The patent for the “Method for playing fortune telling game” was valid until 2016. It included the invention that guesses fortune through a card deck, answers questions about marriage, success, fortune, love, career, and happiness.

Breather connected to the toilet
The patent “Fresh-air breathing device and method” given in 1982 allows breathing through the pipe of a toilet in case of fire.

The patent entitled “Communication and control by means of brainwave and other processes causing voltage changes that can be measured from the body” granted in 2001, describes an optical communication system to alter brain waves to deliver a Morse code message.

Climbing with magnets
The patent “Magnetic Climbing Device” issued in 2006, consists of two leg and arm units with magnets that are attached to the body.

Ghost catcher
The patent “Device for fanciful detection of ghosts” granted in 2016 comprises an apparatus that detects energy sources, magnetic fields, or signals.

Human ingenuity has no limits, and these patents are a small sample of it.

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