Season 1, Episode 7. Artist Martin Calvino – Creating with AI

We talk with Martin Calvino, a multimedia artist and scientist that integrates arts with genomics, machine learning, and tango culture.

If you would like to learn more about the transformations to intellectual property, I invite you to read my essay, which received the First Prize in the Essay Competition of the AIPPI – International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property, titled “Boosted by the Pandemic: Intellectual Property as a Collaboration Tool” available on the AIPPI website at

Patent strategy for entrepreneurs: Curtis Droege Intangiblia™

A severe injury took him from farming to the path of engineering and inventions. Curtis Droege enriches our podcast with his experiences and knowledge as a patent agent and through his book “Patent Strategy For Entrepreneurs.” 
  1. Patent strategy for entrepreneurs: Curtis Droege
  2. Disruptive Innovation & Copyright: Margery Hilko
  3. Achieving food security with new plant varieties: Peter Button – UPOV
  4. Designer: Davide Radaelli – Industrial Design
  5. Plant Variety & Seed Certification: Professors Kamalesh Adhikari and David J. Jefferson – Intellectual Property

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