Season 1, Episode 11. Designer: Davide Radaelli – Industrial Design

We discuss industrial design with Davide Radaelli, designer, entrepreneur, and university lecturer.

Davide Radaelli Design Studio, based in Milano (Italy), provides a multidisciplinary design and communication consultancy for international brands in the fields of product design, exhibit and interior design, graphic design, and art direction. Some works of ours have been published by international press and exhibited in design shows all around the world. Davide has also been member of several international design competitions.

Davide Radaelli is owner and creative director of the Italian stationery brand Writeground, established in 2016 with the purpose of developing high-end products dedicated to drawing and writing. Beside being a designer and an entrepeneur, Davide Radaelli has worked as set designer for commercials and movies and he is also a lecturer in some design schools (Politecnico di Milano, poli.Design, Istituto Marangoni).

Against progress – Jessica Silbey Intangiblia™

Give me your creations, inventions and innovations, and I will give you back exclusive rights for the greater good of humanity is the general promise of the intellectual property system. Our guest Jessica Silbey details if IP is keeping its promise while explaining how to guide the conversation toward the needed change.
  1. Against progress – Jessica Silbey
  2. Trademark yourself – Shondra Cheris
  3. Fruits of one's labor, the capitalization of intangible assets – Andrew J. Sherman
  4. In the name of science? Copyright vs. Open Access – Professor John Willinsky
  5. Brainy undertaking, neuroscience reshaping Intellectual Property – Professor Mark Bartholomew

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