Season 2, Episode 8. Unique identifiers: Rodolfo C. Rivas – Trademarks and Internet Domain Names

Who prevails when a person registers a trademark, and another registers an identical or similar Internet domain name? Well, it usually depends on three factors. Rodolfo C. Rivas, an international lawyer and experienced arbitrator on these legal conflicts, uncovers every important angle of this pointy issue.   

Shield your trademark – Peter Hlavnicka and Anthony Keats Intangiblia™

Those closest to you are the ones capable of causing more significant harm. So for our last episode of the season, we talked with Peter Hlavnicka and Anthony Keats about trademark protection and their books: “Protecting the Brand: Counterfeiting and Grey Markets” and “Protecting the Brand: Busting the Bootlegs.”
  1. Shield your trademark – Peter Hlavnicka and Anthony Keats
  2. Designing your protection – Margaret Polson
  3. Coverage for accidental IP infringement – Patrick R. Goold
  4. Against progress – Jessica Silbey
  5. Trademark yourself – Shondra Cheris

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