Season 3, Episode 1. Brainy undertaking, neuroscience reshaping Intellectual Property – Professor Mark Bartholomew

The first episode of the third season brings a new type of discussion. We will connect neuroscience with Intellectual Property while discussing Professor Mark Bartholomew’s book “Intellectual Property and the Brain: How Neuroscience Will Reshape Legal Protection for Creations of the Mind”.

Coverage for accidental IP infringement – Patrick R. Goold Intangiblia™

An action can cause an unwanted or unforeseen consequence. If we did not intent intellectual property infringement, shouldn't we find a way to protect ourselves against such missteps? Patrick R. Goold recounts his book “IP Accidents: Negligence Liability in Intellectual Property”.
  1. Coverage for accidental IP infringement – Patrick R. Goold
  2. Against progress – Jessica Silbey
  3. Trademark yourself – Shondra Cheris
  4. Fruits of one's labor, the capitalization of intangible assets – Andrew J. Sherman
  5. In the name of science? Copyright vs. Open Access – Professor John Willinsky

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