Can I patent my invention? – Dominican Republic

According to the Law 20-00 of Industrial Property an invention may be patented when these conditions are met:patente patent

  • Novelty: the invention has not been disclosed or made accessible to the public (worldwide).
  • Inventive step: the invention cannot be obvious to someone skilled in the relevant field.
  • Industrial applicability: the invention can be used in an industry, and the result or process can be achieved always.

The invention will not be patented when it has the following subject matter:

  • Discovery (of something that already existed)
  • Scientific theories
  • Mathematical methods
  • Aesthetic creations (go for Industrial Design)
  • Business methods
  • Computer programs
  • Display of information
  • Therapeutic, diagnostic or chirurgical methods
  • Simple combination of earlier inventions
  • The invention is against public order or morality
  • Plants and/or animals (some exceptions apply)

Spanish version | Versión en español

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