Patent? But I already published my invention! – Dominican Republic

You invented a product or process and then you (or somebody) share it with the world…

After you get some acknowledgment for your invention someone (may be interested in investing) asks for your patent certification or application.

patente invencion publicada

What to do?

Is your invention doomed to the public domain?

Everything is not lost, according to the Law No. 20-00 concerning Industrial Property novelty is not affected if the disclosure happened within the year (yes only ONE) preceding the filling date of patent application in the following circumstances:

  • Direct or indirect actions of the inventor or representatives; or
  • Unauthorized by another violating contractual or legal provisions.

On these cases to prove novelty you would only need to worry about everything else that has been disclosed or made accessible to the public worldwide. And nothing more…

Spanish version | versión en español 

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