Copyright violation – Dominican Republic

We have long discussed about rights and their manifestations within copyright. Now it is important to understand how those rights are implemented, and for that we need first to understand which actions can be considered a copyright violation:

  • False registration before the national authority: when a person impersonates the author or owner of the work.
  • Modify, reproduce (total or partial), distribute, or disseminate (without authorization or more than allowed)
  • Distribute, store, conceal, enter to the country or out of the country works of illicit origin:
  • Reproduce, distribute or communicate after the transfer of rights or license to use is expired
  • Impersonates the author or copyright holder to suspend the use of the work.
  • Communication, reproduction or distribution of the work without indication of the author or altering its name or pseudonym.
  • Communication, reproduction or distribution of the work with alterations to its integrity capable of undermining the dignity or reputation of the author.
  • Distortion of income, number of reproductions, among others: these actions seek not to pay or pay less than they should for the use of the work.
  • When a person is authorized to publish the work and do not mention the author or mentions the author while affecting his/her reputation, modify the work without authorization, published separately when it was authorized to publish together a series of works or vice versa
  • Take, modify or alter the title of a work without authorization
  • Do not pay remuneration for an authorized communication to the public

Similarly, there is indirect responsibility, specifically, for people who order, enable, facilitate, conceal or take part of any of these actions are also responsible.

Versión en español | Spanish version

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