Everything has a limit, even Copyright – Dominican Republic

The author or holder of a copyright-protected work cannot prevent the following actions:

  • Be cited in moderation, indicating the author’s name, title of his/her work, and other elements for identifying such work
  • Reproduction for educational non-commercial purposes of articles published in newspapers, periodicals publications, and short extracts from lawfully published works
  • Reproduction, distribution and communication to the public for journalistic purposes (with mandatory indication of the source)
  • Non-commercial domestic private communications without reproduction (copy of the work)
  • The publication of the portrait is permitted when it relates to scientific, educational, cultural or public interest purposes or when it has occurred in public
  • It may be reproduced, only once and in a single copy, a literary or scientific work, for personal and non-commercial use (without prejudice to the right of the holder to obtain equitable remuneration)
  • Public libraries can reproduce, for the exclusive use of their readers and when necessary for conservation or service loans to other public libraries, one copy of protected works deposited in their collections or archives that are not available in the local and international market. These copies can also be reproduced in a single copy by the recipient library, if this is necessary for conservation, and for the sole purpose that they are used by their readers
  • Reproduction for personal use through paintings, drawings, photographs or audiovisual fixations of works which are permanently located on public roads, streets or public plazas. For works of architecture, it only applies for their external appearance
  • Lectures or lessons given in higher, secondary, primary education, may be freely documented and collected by the students to whom they are addressed, but it is prohibited reproduction, distribution or communication in whole or in part without the written consent of the lecturer
  • For demonstration of electronics devices
  • Non-commercial reproductions for the physically disabled
  • Judicial or administrative evidence

As a general rule, these limitations cannot be applied in ways that conflict with the normal exploitation of the work or unreasonably prejudice the interests of the author or owner.

Versión en español | Spanish version

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