Season 1, Episode 5. Ingenious Inventor: Ruth Amos – Patent

We talk about novelty in a patent with Ruth Amos, an inventor, entrepreneur, edutuber, managing director of Stairsteady, and the recipient of the 2006 Young Engineer for Britain.

Billion Dollar Patents: Joanna T. Brougher Intangiblia™

A triumphant invention needs more than just a patent. It requires a vigilant eye and a clear path to achieve success. Joanna T. Brougher shows us the way talking about her book "Billion Dollar Patents: Strategies for Finding Opportunities, Generating Value, and Protecting Your Inventions." 
  1. Billion Dollar Patents: Joanna T. Brougher
  2. Intellectual Property, Design Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Matthias Hillner
  3. Intellectual Property empowering sports, entertainment & entrepreneurship: Ellakisha O’Kelley
  4. Patent strategy for entrepreneurs: Curtis Droege
  5. Disruptive Innovation & Copyright: Margery Hilko

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