Appellation of origin – Dominican Republic

denominacion origen ILWhere and how a product is made means an added value in itself. Recognizing the importance of these attributes the appellation of origin focuses on protecting the designation of a product from a country, region or specific place. When such designation results in a characteristic of its origin linked to natural or human elements.

The registration of the appellation of origin may be presented before the National Office of Industrial Property (ONAPI) by one or more producers, manufacturers, artisans, associations or companies, whether domestic or foreign. The procedure for registration follows trademark provisions. The registration is granted for an indefinite period, but can be modified if necessary.

The use of the registered appellation of origin is exclusive to those who perform their activity within the specified geographic area, even if they have not been applicants on the registration process. Everyone else using the appellation without authorization would be committing unfair competition.

Currently, the following are registered: “Cacao dominicano”, “Los Bejucos”, “Champagne”, “Turron de Alicante”, among others.

Spanish version | Versión en español


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