Related Rights – Dominican Republic

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Related rights can be summarized as providing exclusive rights associated to copyright, but different.

Who enjoys related rights?
1. Performers
2. Producers of phonograms (sound recordings)
3. Broadcasters

Who is a performer?
People who sing, recite, read or perform in any other fashion.

What is his/her right?
Right to be linked to their interpretation or performance, and right of integrity. Exclusive right to the fixation of their activities, authorize or prohibit be included in any medium that can be marketed.

What is his/her period of protection?
Seventy years after the first of January following the death of the performer, although groups will be the same term but from their performance or fixation.

Who is a phonogram producer?
The person in charge of the first fixation of sounds or their representations (does not apply to audiovisual and cinematographic works)

What is his/her right?
Allow or deny the reproduction, distribution, broadcasting and communication to the public.
What is his/her period of protection?
Seventy years since the first of January following the year of publication. If there is no publication within fifty years, the sound recording is protected for seventy years from its creation.

What is a broadcaster?
One who communicate to the public sound and/or images
What is his/her right?
Exclusivity on the transmission, fixation, and reproduction of their broadcasts.
What is his/her period of protection?
Seventy years since the first of January of the year following the emission.

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