Differences between distinctive signs – Dominican Republic

signos distinctivos ILFor each purpose we have a distinctive sign. Each of these legal forms are designed to specifically protect the sign as it is used in commerce.

The definitions are quite simple and can be identified immediately:

  • Trade name: represents the name of the company
  • Logo (emblem): represents the image of the company
  • Sign: represents any visible sign used to identify the commercial venue
  • Trademark: represents products and/or services from an undertaking
  • Slogan: is a phrase that can represent both the trademark and the trade name.

Sometimes the name identifying the business is the same one use for products and/or services or the logo of the company can be used in the products and/or services, however only one kind of registration will not suffice on these scenarios. It is always advisable to register each distinctive sign for the intended purpose.

Spanish version | Versión en español

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